Pechão is a small town and a community (about 3,600 inhabitants) in the county of Olhão.

Coordinates: 37° 3′ N, 7° 52′ W

The place is located nearby the N2-6 between Olhão and Estoi.

Unfortunately, the history of the locality is not known in every detail because nearly all community archives have been burnt during conflicts in the Liberal Wars or Miguelite War (from 1828 to 1834). Also the church has been occupied and heavily damaged at that time. 

Pechão is situated between gentle hills that are predominantly covered with almond and fig trees.

In spite of the vicinity to Faro, to Olhão and to the holiday regions a rather calm tourism has come into being here.

Igreja Matriz de Pechão

The Igreja was erected in the 17th century onto the place of the chapel São Bartolomeu built in 1482.

Coordinates: 37°03’20.8″N 7°52’10.9″W

From the church courtyard you have an ample view over the locality, the environs and up to the Atlantic.

The church can be visited during mass.