Ferreiras is a small town and a Portuguese community (about 6,400 inhabitants) in the county of Albufeira.

Coordinates: 37° 8′ N, 8° 15′ W

The place is situated north of Albufeira and of the N125 und is well signposted.

Handicraft and services determine everyday life at the locality. Furthermore, many inhabitants work for touristic establishments at the near coast and in Albufeira.

The place offers banks, the post office, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bistros and cafés.

The station in Ferreiras is at the same time the best stop on the train connection Linha do Algarve for travellers with destination Albufeira.

Coordinates: 37°07’43.0″N 8°13’59.3″W

The tranquil station is well signposted, here seen from the parking area.

Igreja Paroquial de São José de Ferreiras

The Church was finished and introduced in the year 2000.

Coordinates: 37°07’50.4″N 8°14’46.1″W

The layout is an octagon encompassing 1.140 m².

The church can only be visited during mass hours.