Monte Gordo is a small town and a community (app. 3,300 inhabitants) in the county of Vila Real de Santo António.

Coordinates: 37° 11′ N, 7° 27′ W

The place is well signposted already on the N125 and can be seen from far due to its big hotels. In the urban area are many parking facilities, partly for a fee. 

The small town lies in the Southwest of the Algarve, roughly 1,5 km before the county town and 2 km before the border river to Spain, the Rio Guadiana. 

The place is surrounded in the east and in the west by a wood of pines and maritime pines where a rare species of chameleon lives.  

The casino of Monte Gordo lies between the promenade and the beach. 

The flat sand beach, the shore softly sloping down and the mostly calm and comfortably warm water render the town interesting, especially for families with children. 

North of the promenade are hotels and apartment houses, which room many shops, clubs (discos) and restaurants. 

In town you will find banks, a post office, supermarkets and many gastronomic establishments.

Typical Portuguese town houses are in turns with apartment buildings. This characterises large parts of the townscape.

A bit away from the promenade are quiet residential, row home and villa quarters.

Mercado Municipal

The market in Monte Gordo is open from Monday to Saturday. It is small and its product range is relatively limited.

Coordinates: 37°10’51.6″N 7°27’14.9″W

Apart from fresh fish, fruit and vegetable also meat and baked goods are offered.

Even if the choice is clearly smaller than in the bigger towns, the products are of an impressive freshness and quality. 

Igreja Paroquial de Monte Gordo

The church was built upon the ruins of an old temple that was long buried by sand. 

Coordinates: 37°10’48.9″N 7°27’10.7″W

The church can be visited at a mass.