The Reserva Natural da Ria do Alvor is situated between the communities Alvor, Mexilhoeira Grande, Figueira and Odiáxere and its size is about 1,450 ha.

Coordinates of the parking area in the reserve: 37°07’56.5″N 8°36’43.1″W

Starting in Alvor you can observe the region from the wooden walkways. These walkways are made for protecting the dunes. Toward south you have a beautiful view onto the Praia do Alvor as well as on the Atlantic and toward west / northwest onto the natural reserve. At the level of the place Mexilhoeira Grande by the N125 are farm tracks leading from north into the reserve.

Starting from west one can come into the reserve via Odiáxere. When coming from east turn left at the first road in the village (at the stadium) and then follow the street.

In the whole area the streets are unpaved and partly very uneven. There are no restaurants, cafés nor sanitary facilities.

By the river Rio do Alvor are sand dunes and salt meadows. Of the excitement on the near beaches nothing can be noticed here.

In one part of the reserve are salines for salt production as well as pines, almond trees, carob trees and vines.

Diverse bird species take a rest here on their annual migrations. Rare insects and endangered types of reptiles (benign) are here at home.

Several types of herons and swallows, sand pipers, stilts, redshanks and flamingos live here.

View from the West. This is an excellent place for birdwatching and one of the best spots for watching flamingos.

Towards evening the light often appears magical in the reserve.