Vila Nova de Cacela is a small town and a community (about 4,100 inhabitants) in the county of Vila Real de Santo António.

Coordinates: 37° 9′ N, 7° 33′ W

The place is situated roughly 10 km east of the county town by the N125.

Only a few kilometers north of the coast line and of the tourist areas life is very calm and easygoing. 

There are banks in town, also the post, restaurants, cafés, bistros and fine shopping facilities. 

Many inhabitants of the small town work in the tourist branch, in the craft business or in agriculture. 

Mercado Municipal

The small market is open daily (apart from Sundays) and offers fresh and crispy products from the region. 

Coordinates: 37°10’33.4″N 7°32’02.5″W

Around the market grounds are sufficient parking facilities. 

The booths of the suppliers are arranged all around a big patio.