Medical and dental care at the Algarve is better than the average. On nearly every holiday spot there are doctors who speak English. Pharmaceutical products are available or can be obtained within a short period of time. With regard to special drug products, however, you should have enough for the whole stay with you.


You can recognize a pharmacy by means of a blinking green cross. All pharmaceutical products that are subject to prescription can be obtained here. There is a 24 hours emergency service. Additionally, you can find health centers (Centro de Sáude) in many supermarkets and towns, where free drug and care products are sold. 

Drinking water:

Drinking water is of good quality and is controlled continuously. Because of the climate conditions and partly old pipes the water is chlorinated very strongly and tastes somewhat “strange”. You can get water bottles (0.5 l – 7 l) in each supermarket.


Please do not underestimate the power of the sun. Unfortunately, it happens time and again that tourists are heavily burnt by the sun on the very first day of their stay. Because of the fresh wind and the near Atlantic one often feels the consequences of the solar radiance too late.


The right time for jogging within the summer months is the early morning. Please never run around on midday or in the afternoon! Every day first aid workers must assist tourists who collapse.