Tunes (about 2,500 inhabitants) is a small town on the IC1, the country road of the Algarve toward north leading to the Alentejo and towards Lisbon. Until 2013 the town was an independent community. After the local government reorganisation it has been unified with the community Algoz and is now governed from there. Tunes is known and important because of its train station. The rail route divides the town in two parts and the footbridge to the platforms becomes thus an important connecting path.

Coordinates: 37° 10′ N, 8° 15′ W

Igreja Matriz de Tunes

The church in Tunes

The train station. The atmosphere here is quiet and relaxed. You can have a coffee and a snack directly on the platform.

The Linha do Sul (main route Lisbon toward south) and the Linha do Algarve (from Lagos to Vila Real de S. António) meet here. The Alfa Pendular (Intercity) from Faro to Lisbon also stops at this station.

The waiting hall with ticket sales. The whole station is very neat and and has 4 platforms.