The fishing village Benagil is situated in the county of Lagoa immediately on the coast about 4 km east of Carvoeiro.

Coordinates: 37°05’16.0″N 8°25’35.7″W

The Praia de Benagil is well signposted on the N125 and in Carvoeiro.

The village consists of neat old fishermen’s houses, modern villas and townhouses.

The place is located in a large part west of a valley cut reaching to the same-named beach. The street traversing the village leads through this valley. Immediately in front of the beach is a hairpin bend with parking spaces for the disabled. At the eastern edge of the valley is a big parking area.

Benagil is known for the most visited caves in Europe. Furthermore, the place is a good starting point for cliff walks.

In the village are diverse restaurants and cafés.