Carvoeiro is a small town and was a community until 2013 (about 2,700 inhabitants) in the county of Lagoa. In the course of the municipality reform it merged into the Freguesia Lagoa e Carvoeiro.

Coordinates: 37° 6′ N, 8° 28′ W

The full name of Carvoeiro is Praia do Carvoeiro meaning something like beach of the charcoal burner. The first historical indications of the town date from the year 1544. At that time the bay that was estimated among pirates was called Caboiere.

The beach of Carvoeiro is located in the center of the town. Here you find diverse restaurants, cafés and bars. The post office, several banks and the tourist information can be reached within a few minutes on foot. In the main season an open air stage is built up and every evening varied live music is performed.

Carvoeiro has succeeded in preserving its charm into the new millennium.

The fishermen work hard and go by boat out to their catch area daily.

View from the Monte Dourado (holiday resort) onto the bay of Carvoeiro.

In 2015 the beach has been clearly enlarged by sand deposit.

Around the original town housing complexes and resorts have settled. The architecture matches perfectly the lightly undulating landscape.

The cliffs of Algar Seco (on the eastern edge of the town) are spectacular and colourful.

A view over pool and ocean. The diverse resorts and settlements offer a broad range of holiday apartments to the vacationers.

Indeed in August the number of the inhabitants increases tenfold because of the crowd of visitors, and lodging becomes scarce.

The town and its surrounding offer many leisure opportunities and regional as well as international restaurants.

Forte de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

The Forte de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação (year of construction unknown) was built for the protection of the place against pirate attacks upon the top of a rock on the eastside of the beach. The site has been damaged heavily by the earthquake of 1755. Today only remains of the wall from the fort can be seen but the same-named chapel has been reconstructed. Masses in various languages take place here.


The market of Carvoeiro is situated near the main street on a steep side road and is well signposted. Parking places are available on the terrain of the market.

The range offered consists of fish, meat, cheese, sausages, bakery as well as of fresh fruit and vegetable.