Santo Estêvão is a village, and it was until 2013 an independent community (about 1,170 inhabitants) in the county of Tavira. In the course of the reform it has been blended together with Luz de Tavira into the União das Freguesias de Luz de Tavira e Santo Estêvão.

Coordinates: 37° 7′ N, 7° 43′ W

The village is situated roughly 3 km west of Tavira by the M514.

Santo Estêvão is known for its delicious wines and spirit drinks. The environs are shaped agriculturally; many almond and olive trees are cultivated. 

The community is administered today in Luz de Tavira. Life in Santo Estêvão is calm and tranquil. 

Still there are banks, the post, restaurants, cafés and shopping facilities.  

Igreja Matriz de Santo Estêvão

Here, in the middle of today’s locality, originally was a medieval chapel, on the foundations of which was built, probably in the 17th century, the Igreja Matriz de Santo Estêvão. 

Coordinates: 37°07’37.1″N 7°42’52.7″W

The church was converted at the beginning of the 18th century and in the 19th century provided with a new frontage. In 1903 a new main entrance was established.