Porches (about 2,000 inhabitants) is a village and a community in the county of Lagoa.

Coordinates: 37° 8′ N, 8° 24′ W

The village is situated nearby the N125 and is known for its pottery handicraft. Also the village Alporchinhos belongs to the community. It is located between the Atlantic and the border to the county of Silves or to the city Armação de Pêra, respectively.

Porches is a small and quiet place. Only the N125 and the junction towards Armação de Pêra and towards the beaches are busy. In the southern part of the community the tourism determines the goings-on. Several four and five star hotels and holiday resorts have settled here.

The old part of Porches consists of typical townhouses and winding alleys.

In the village are banks, the post office, diverse restaurants, cafés, shops and several vendors of the here manufactured pottery products.

Igreja Matriz de Porches

The Igreja Matriz Porches was built in the 16. century. Due to the destructions of the earthquake in 1755 only the original choir of the church has been maintained from before. In the 18th century large parts of the interior have been covered with Azulejos.


Alporchinhos is a holiday place in the community Porches, in the county of Lagoa. Some of the most beautiful beaches line this part of the Atlantic coast.

In the village are restaurants, cafés, bistros, a supermarket and shops. Up to Armação de Pêra, which belongs to the county of Silves, it is only a short walk.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Rocha

The origin of the chapel Senhora da Rocha dates supposedly from the 8th century. The first building in this exposed location probably was a fort that had been used for protection against attacks from the sea. In the past big parts of the rock formation have plunged into the sea because of erosion. Also up to date parts of the rock break away every year and the remaining rest is secured with the help of modern remedies.

The access to the chapel is adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Today’s building has been constructed in the 16th century. The altar can be seen from outside through a glass pane. From the promontory you have a great view upon the coast and the sea.