The market in São Brás de Alportel is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 13 h.

Coordinates: 37°09’15.9″N 7°53’17.4″W

In the streets around the market hall are many parking facilities.

The market hall is a modern and bare building.  

Fish is caught in the near Atlantic and it is, as everywhere in the Algarve, freshly caught. 

Diverse types of seafood are offered well chilled. The vendor will fill with pleasure a bag with ice so that the cooling chain up to your accomodation will not be interrupted.  

The fruit originates mainly from regional cultivation. Some less known types of fruit make also part of the offered range.

Even if it is crowded, there is always a minute or two for some friendly words. Shoving is absolutely unusual in Portugal. 

Aromatic cheese, ham and chouriço attract the custom.

Fresh meat for quite a reasonable price in good quality is as well offered as bread and bakery.  

Sausage products, spices and olive oil round the range off.