Museu de Portimão

The museum and center of culture is situated immediately by the Rio Arade and houses in a tinning factory from the 19th century.

Coordinates: 37°07’51.1″N 8°32’04.0″W

On an area of roughly 1,000 m² the development of the region and of the human community from the prehistory to the present age is presented. A further public part are the center of documentation and the history records. Additionally, there are rooms being used for changing cultural expositions.

Simulation of the construction of a megalithic tomb in Alcalar. Found pieces from that time are exposed.

The cultivation of fruit, vegetable and crop ensures, ever since one can remember, the subsistence of people.

Tools for working wood. Hard physical work and many helping hands were necessary to make a board, a timber or a mast from a tree.

Shipbuilding was indispensable for fishing as well as for the discoveries.

The cistern of the old plant houses today a part of the museum. Here moving pictures are shown with regard to the flora and fauna of the Rio Arade.

One part of the exposition shows the political alterations of Portugal in the 20th century.

The production of canned fish being very important for the region is presented in a very detailed way. The sardinas were mainly cleaned and prepared by women.

All along one has cared in Portugal, thus also in this factory, very well for the kids.