Quelfes is a small town and a community (about 17,300 inhabitants) in the county of Olhão.

Coordinates: 37° 4′ N, 7° 49′ W

The place lies by the N398, roughly 1 km north of the N125.

Quelfes consists of calm housing complexes, some gastronomic establishments as well as shopping facilities. 

In the south of the community, on the coast, life is significantly more vivid. 

Igreja Matriz de Quelfes

For the Igreja Matriz de Quelfes no exact date of construction can be ascertained. One supposes that the church was built in the 16th century upon the fundaments of a chapel.

Coordinates: 37°03’27.9″N 7°49’18.4″W

The church can be visited during mass.