Igreja Matriz de Portimão
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Coordinates: 37°08’22.3″N 8°32’10.4″W


The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição is the main church of Portimão and was built in the 15th century. After the damages by the earthquake of 1755 it has been reconstructed in the 18th and 19th century.

You find several crosses of ebony and ivory inside the church.

The tiles date from the 17th century.

Igreja do Colégio de Portimão

Coordinates: 37°08’21.8″N 8°32’14.6″W

Jesuit church built in 1660 and consecrated in the year 1707. During the earthquake of 1755 the building was damaged and has been reconstructed afterwards.

Presently the church is being renovated time and again. However, visiting is possible.

Richly adorned images of the saints made of beatgold, wood and marble are positioned in front of Portuguese tiles.