between Albufeira and Galé

A parking area at one of the many beaches, like this at the Praia da Arrifa, is best appropriated as starting point for hiking.

Somewhat difficult sections alternate with walkable ways. Please put on sturdy shoes.

Often the path runs a fair way off the cliffs. It is always worth it to approach to coast as much as possible, even if one has to go back the same way. 

Every few hundreds of steps the coast reveals its distinctive beauty. Small sandy bays, which partly can only be reached via the sea, interrupt the steep cliffs.  

Please be careful on the edges! Annually hundreds of tons of stone break off the cliffs and fall into the sea or even onto the beach.

Some of the beaches dispose of infrastructure with restaurants or bistros and toilets. However, you should take beverages and sun protection with you. 

At some points it is difficult to find the correct way, still it is not possible to get lost. 

Nearly always goes a light wind. Please do not underestimate the power of the sun. You should wear a hat or a cappy.

Parts of the cliffs are covered with pines or dense bushes. In summer every shade is used with pleasure for cooling off.

It does not matter which section you choose for your hiking trip, for sure it will become an unforgettable event.