The castle has been extended and developed in the 13th century at the behest of King Alonso III.

The entrance is signposted. The access to the top of the mountain is a bit arduous. The steepest track has been covered in the meantime with a walkable wooden gangplank and with stairs.

Inside the castle it partly looks like as if the knights were about to return from a foray or a military expedition.

Caution: The walkable castle walls are uneven and partially unsecured.

Excavations are made frequently in parts of the facility. In the diverse buildings on the site are placed exhibitions of the finds from the castle as well as from the environs.

One has a beautiful panorama view from the castle walls over the locality, up to the coast, up to Spain and to the salines.

Igreja de Santiago

The Igreja de Santiago is situated within the castle courtyard and was built in the middle of the 14th century. The interior of the building is modest and serves as room for changing exhibitions.

Opening hours:
April until October: 9 – 19 h
November until March: 9 bis 17 h