Vaqueiros is a village and a community (about 470 inhabitants) in the county of Alcoutim.

Coordinates: 37° 23′ N, 7° 44′ W

Vaqueiros is located by the M506, roughly 3 km south of the N124 and of Martim Longo.

The  locality is situated in a beautiful valley of the Serra do Caldeirão.

Already the Romans and afterwards the Moors have been mining in the hills and and have exploited copper and diverse minerals.

The alleys are quite narrow and winding. Driving slowly and carefully is necessary and sensible here. 

Time passes slowly and in calm. A place in the shade for doing needlework has been found quickly. Shuttered windows are to keep the midday heat outside. 

Igreja Matriz de Vaqueiros

The church was finished in 1565. It has been renovated several times in the following centuries and has been furnished each time with contemporary paintings.

The church can be visited at mass hours.