Giões is a village and a community (about 260 inhabitants) in the county of Alcoutim.

Coordinates: 37°28’26.0″N 7°41’38.0″W

The village is situated by the M507 and the M507-1, roughly 2 km north of the N124 and 2,5 km before the Alentejo.

Out of the main street life is tranquil. The alleys are narrow and winding. 

There is the  post office, restaurants and cafés as well as rather small shops for the daily needs. 

Igreja  Matriz de Giões

The church was started to be built in 1554 onto the ruins of the chapel S. Domingos and was finished in 1565. In the following centuries a belfry has been erected and the church has been decorated inside with altarpieces. 

Remarkable is the wooden ceiling and the painting on the ceiling above the altar as well as the altar itself.

The church is freely accessible for visitors.