Altura is a small town and a community (about 2,150 inhabitants) in the county of Castro Marim. The community has been newly created in the year 1993 by separation of Castro Marim.

Coordinates: 37° 11′ N, 7° 30′ W

The place lies south of the N125 and is well signposted.

In the vicinity of the Atlantic everything is geared to holidaymakers and to their needs. There are many signposted places to park along the various beaches. Small shops offer bathing paraphernalia as well as refreshments and snacks. On this part of the place have been built mainly apartment resorts, hotels and town houses. 

Neat houses are north of the area which is reserved for vacationers. The more one goes off the beaches the calmer and more original life is in the small town. 

In the locality are diverse banks, the post and a large number of gastronomic establishments. 

Igreja Paroquial
Imaculado Coração de Maria

The modern church was built and consecrated in the 90ies of the last century.  

The church is open for visitors.