The Portuguese, and Algarvios in particular, are very friendly and tolerant. In spite of this fact, or perhaps because of it, one can behave wrong and drop a brick.

  • Please do not visit churches or chapels in beach wear.
  • Even if it is very hot in summer, you should at least wear a T-Shirt and trousers when entering a café or restaurant.
  • Shopping in a bikini or in bathing trunks is tolerated, but not welcomed – even if you are on holiday and the sun is burning.



  • Portuguese people patiently keep in line and wait for their turn. Pushing is very seldom.
  • In nearly all supermarkets you have to draw a number at the sales counter. This is fair and you can estimate the remaining time.
  • Please keep distance to the person in front of you when he or she is attended in a pharmacy or drug store. Keep privacy even if you are not able to understand the sales talk. 

Car driving:

  • The Portuguese use to drive too close to the car in front of them and to overtake in impossible situations. Please do not try to change this, neither with hand gestures nor with your driving manner. You are on holiday and surely you are not in the mood to stay the most beautiful time of the year in a police office, with an attorney or even at the hospital.