Armação de Pêra is a community and a town (about 4,900 inhabitants) in the county of Silves.

Coordinates: 37° 8′ N, 8° 22′ W

The townscape is characterised by apartment houses that have been built in the 1970ies. In the midst of the last decade the traffic has been banished from the beach promenade. The pedestrian zone above the beach that has been created in the course of this action is remarkable and leads on to stroll about.

The town has been and still is a popular holiday spot of Portuguese from the North of the country who have possessed and still do many apartments here.

In the meantime life on the promenade of the town goes a cosmopolitical way. Today tourists from many different countries visit Armação de Pêra and its great beaches.

In and around the pedestrian zone are various banks, the post office, diverse restaurants, cafés, bistros, snackbars, etc.

At the eastern edge of the town is the Praia dos Pescadores. From here fishermen daily go out to sea. Several typical restaurants offering tasty fish dishes are located here.

Capela de Santo António

Directly in the pedestrian zone is the Fortaleza de Armação de Pêra that was built in the year 1571. The Capela de Santo António of the year 1720 is situated within this fortification.

The interior of the chapel is modest. The walls are in part covered with the typical Azulejos (tiles).

Igreja Matriz de Armação de Pêra

The Igreja Matriz de Armação de Pêra has been erected and finished in 1960 with the help of donations from the inhabitants.

The interior of the church is bright and friendly.