São Brás de Alportel is a town and the only community in the same-named county.

Coordinates: 37° 9′ N, 7° 53′ W

The place is located at the intersection of the N270 and the N2.

The area around the town had been settled since the Old Stone Age, as finds prove. From the 2nd century a. Chr. n. on Romans lived in this region. Tombs, a villa and remains of a Roman street have survived from this time. 

The county of São Brás is not adjacent to the Atlantic and thus has no beach. Even though, or perhaps precisely because of this, town and region are worth a visit. You will get a good and rich lunch for 5 – 8 € in the town and in its environs. Moreover, one still can see the typical and original life in the Algarve.

The Câmara Municipal is to administer the county, the community as well as the town São Brás de Alportel. 

The old center is worth a visit. Parking places are on site but because of the narrow streets their number is rather scarce. 

The library in São Brás is located near the church in the historic area of the place.  

The townscape repeatedly presents green spots.  

Street cafés are all over the town. Moreover, you will find here banks, a post office, diverse supermarkets and a large number of gastronomic establishments.

The busy rush of the coastal towns and the holiday resorts is lacking nearly completely. Here life is relaxed in a pleasant way.

Cork was an important economic factor of the region. The tourist association offers an interesting cork factory tour which can be booked already for 2 persons and also in different volumes. 

In the relatively old part of the town you will often see small residential districts in neat gardens. The relatively new part of the town consists of modern apartment houses. In the surrounding are many single-family houses and villas with pools. 

Piscinas Descobertas

The public swimming pool is well signposted. Also there are places to park. It is situated directly south of the Jardim da Verbena and the Centro de Artes.

Centro de Artes
Center of Art

Alternating exhibitions of local artists take place in the center of arts. Furthermore, products from and many interesting information about the region are offered. 

Coordinates: 37°09’02.8″N 7°53’13.5″W

The center is situated nearby a garden (Jardim da Verbena) blooming all over the year because of its diversity. 

The entrance is free.