São Bartolomeu de Messines (about 8,400 inhabitants) is a small town and a community in the county of Silves. The place lies near the highway A2 (Albufeira towards Lisbon) and the IC1 running parallel to the highway and crossing here the N124 (main street between Salir and Silves).

Coordinates: 37° 15′ N, 8° 17′ W

Igreja Matriz de São Bartolomeu de Messines

The church Igreja Matriz from 1716 in the town center is worth visiting.

The church is open for visitors.

Museu João de Deus

The museum of the poet João de Deus (1830 until 1896) is immediately by the church. The son of a merchant, who was a law student, became known because of his book of poems Flores do Campo.