Everywhere in the Algarve you can see different species of birds.

Especially in the nature reserves

  • Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina
  • Reserva Natural da Ria do Alvor
  • Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

are rare bird species to be found. Ornithologists from all over the world visit the region to explore and photograph some of the partly last populations.


Storks and white storks are very common throughout the Algarve. They nest on disused chimneys, on power pylons, street lamps, old buildings and in trees of about 3 meters height at minimum.

In fact, the birds of passage migrate south in fall and hibernate south of the Sahara. Many storks have shortened their route or stay on the Iberian Peninsula all year round. In the Algarve the skilful flyers and elegant gliders are always visible.


Sometimes more than 100 animals can be seen in the sky at the same time (between Portimâo and Monchique).


Seagulls are known to be always present on the sea. Incoming trawlers are often accompanied by big swarms. After hatching (May – June), young animals have a rather inconspicuous gray plumage and simply lie on the cliffs. The parents fly adventurous maneuvers to distract hikers from them.

Basically, seagulls are harmless animals and it is alarming to observe again and again that they are pelted with stones or senselessly scared.