Odiáxere is a small town and a community (about 3,000 inhabitants) in the county of Lagos.

Coordinates: 37° 9′ N, 8° 40′ W

The N125 traverses the town. Off the main street life of the inhabitants is quiet and placid.

At the northern end of the town is a typical mill. Ever since one can remember the people of the town and of its surrounding have been earning their living with farming and handicraft.

In the town are a post office, banks, restaurants, cafés, snackbars and shops.

Mercado Municipal

The little market in the town center offers fresh products for everyday life. You find fish, fruit, vegetable and a butcher. Around the market are further shops.

Fresh fish from the near ocean.

Fruit and vegetable from local cultivation.

Igreja Matriz de Odiáxere

The Igreja Matriz de Odiáxere from the 15th and 16th century. The church was renovated in the 18th century. It is only opened for the announced masses.