Salema (community Budens / county of Vila do Bispo) is a fishing village that has been turning more and more into a modern holiday site since the 1980ies. In the last years a beach promenade has come to be. You find parking facilities in the village center as well as diverse restaurants, cafés, snackbars and shops.

Coordinates: 37°03’55.7″N 8°49’28.2″W

East of the promenade the original village lies along the road and reaches up to the slope. West of it some town house complexes and modern villas have been created.

The historic part of the village. Along the narrow main street the old houses of the fishermen are put next to each other downward to the sea.

The Atlantic has been the center of life, and fishing has determined the daily routine. Until today fishermen go to sea and you can watch them working on their boats and nets.

View over the coast and modern houses and apartments in the western part. There are further parking facilities and a stairway with 115 stairs down to the beach.

Foot prints of an ornithopod have been found directly where today is a beach. This type of dinosaur was 1,5 to 2 m tall, a plant eater and mostly moved on two legs. The foot prints are approximately 140 mio. years old.

The rock is located about 15 m west of the wooden stairway and is generally accessible.