The market is open from Monday to Saturday.

Coordinates: 37°11’39.1″N 7°25’17.6″W

Along the streets and the side streets are parking places at disposal, partly for a fee. 

The market offers fresh fish, whereby the product range depends on the last fishing tour.  

Big fishes are portioned. The vendors will willingly clean and cut the fish for you so that it will be ready to cook. 

Seafood ranges quite at the top of the most popular dishes.  

Fresh fruit and crunchy vegetable are offered depending on the crop. The products are much more aromatic than one would expect at home.  

Freshly cut flower and pot plants are offered here. 

There are various types of honey, jams and vegetable pastes, along with olive oil and diverse pastries.  

Dried fruit and legumes may not be omitted in the product range.

Wickerwork from own production. The prices are moderate and the quality is convincing.