The Fortaleza de Sagres is situated about 1 km southwest of the small town Sagres and is well signposted. It is located on the cliff Ponta de Sagres of roughly 1 km length. In front of the national monument of Portugal is a big parking area.

Coordinates: 37°00’16.8″N 8°56’43.4″W

According to a legend the facility was the nautical college of Henry the navigator, actually the education took place in Lagos and Lisbon.

Entrance fee: Adults 3 € · children and adolescent (until 25 years) 1.5 € · seniors 1.5 €

The wind rose (43 m diameter) from the 15th century is accredited to Henry the Navigator. It is cut into 42 segments. Its function has not been cleared to date. It is supposed to be an assistance for navigation or a sundial.

The large facility is simple, the view from the walls is great. When walking round on good paths, one feels and hears the power of the sea. Parts of the cliff are undermined by the seawater. In the southern part is a roaring seco (roughly 80 m in front of the sea), this is a big natural hole in the rock down to the surface of the undermining seawater.

In one part of the buildings are a cafeteria and rooms for changing expositions.

View from the walls to the Cabo de São Vicente.

The chapel Nossa Senhora da Graça within the fort.

Please stay on the paved paths, parts of the cliff constantly break away and plunge into the sea. Anglers always stand at the edge of the cliff and falls are lamented regularly.