Pereiro is a village and a former community (about 200 inhabitants) in the county of Alcoutim. In the year 2013 it blended, together with the community Alcoutim, into the União das Freguesias de Alcoutim e Pereiro.

Coordinates: 37° 27′ N, 7° 36′ W

The village consists of quaint and white houses sticking to narrow alleys. There is the post office, restaurants and cafés as well as shopping facilities for the daily needs. 

Finds document a settlement already in prehistoric time.
Sure is that the Romans settled here and exploited important minerals within the area of today’s community.

Igreja Matriz de Pereiro

The church was erected at the beginning of the 16th century. In the late 18th century further contemporary images of saints were attached. By means of an effortful renovation the building could be saved in the year 1976 from decay.

Viewing at mass hours only.