The small town and the community of Vila do Bispo have about 930 inhabitants. Until the beginning of the 16th century the village was named Santa Maria do Cabo and was then handed over from King Manuel I to the bishop of Faro and renamed to Aldeia do Bispo (village of the bishop). King Pedro II raised the village to county town and this finally led to today’s name.

Coordinates: ♁ 37° 5′ N, 8° 55′ W

The small town is very quiet and offers several banks, restaurants, shops, cafés, bistros as well as the post office.

Igreja Matriz de Vila do Bispo

The lovely main church Igreja Matriz de Vila do Bispo from 18th century.

Coordinates: 37°04’57.0″N 8°54’32.7″W

The entrance is free. When leaving the church you can give a donation that is employed for the preservation of the church.

The amply decorated altar. Please do not disturb the present believers, especially while they are praying.

Big parts of the church walls and of the ceiling are covered with Azulejos, the Portuguese tiles.