The Mercado Municipal in Calicos, a district of Albufeira, is open Monday to Saturday from 8 h to about 14 h.

Coordinates: 37°05’42.9″N 8°14’46.8″W

The market is situated on a side street of the M526, the main street crossing Albufeira, and is well signposted. Right at the market are parking places.

The entrance of the market leads to a patio, from where every single section can be reached. The product range consists of freshly caught fish, fruit and vegetable from the region, honey, dried fruits, crop, olives and olive oil, pastries and meat products. Within the market complex one can also find a florist, a hairdresser and cafés.

Fresh fish is offered at 20 booths. It is an important ingredient of the Portuguese cooking. Seafood is always on offer.

The vendors will be pleased to prepare and portion the fish for cooking.

Fruit and vegetable from the region. The range depends on the season. The products are tasty as well as fresh and crunchy.

Dried figs are a speciality of the Algarve. They are delicious just as healthy.

Here you can find olives, nuts, legumes and dried herbs.

Twice a month (on the second and third Saturday) a flea market takes place on the parking area.